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"We care about your business,    and we want to prove it."

Folgueras Customs Broker Corp., located in Miami, FL is dedicated to providing efficient and affordable import Customs brokerage services.

Our team has extensive knowledge of import requirements for all commodities, but we specialize in FDA-regulated products and goods under absolute and tariff rate Quotas.   

Let's begin a successful business relationship. Contact us today!

Our Services

Our Services

Customs Import Clearance Processing

Thinking of importing cargo into the U.S.? Our team can assist with this process. Click below to learn more.

Importer Security Filing ISF 10+2

An ocean freight U.S. Customs regulation which must be met in order to ship cargo from overseas. 

FDA Import Filing and Prior Notice

Importing cosmetics, food, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or any other FDA regulated product? We can help navigate the regulations and requirements. 

In-Bond Processing (CF7512)

In transit cargo that enters, remains inbond, and is exported within 30 days. 

Quota Import Entry Processing

Quota entry processing can be quite tedious and complicated. Our team can help.

Other Government Agency Entry Filing (EPA/USDA/DOT)

Plant and plant products, pesticides, wooden furniture, chemicals, vehicles, etc. They all require special procedures and filings.

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