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U.S. Customs broker located in Miami, FL covering all ports nationwide

What will separate Folgueras Customs Broker Corp. from its competition? The answer is competitive rates, flexibility, attention to detail, and more importantly the ability to take on unforeseen events that happen during the course of international cargo transportation in a timely, efficient, and inexpensive manner. We simplify the importing process for our customers, which ultimately helps us achieve maximum results.
Customs Brokerage 

Customs clearances are processed electronically. Folgueras Customs Broker Corp. interfaces electronically with U.S. Customs via the automated commercial environment (ACE) allowing for pre-clearance of shipments, and we can file Customs entries remotely throughout the U.S.

Folgueras Customs Broker Corp is here to provide attentive, extensive, high quality service to each and every customer at all times. We won't just tell you we care, we'll show you...

We can presently handle any of the following services, but are not limited to:

  • Electronic Entry processing (ACE)
  • Customs duties and fees paid electronically to Customs via ACH.
  • Importer Security filing (ISF 10+2) 
  • Remote Location Filing (Customs entries filed remotely at any U.S. Port)
  • Harmonized tariff consultation
  • Quota / Visa entries
  • Binding ruling requests for your commodities
  • 9802/807 specialist (Wearing apparel and other related commodities)
  • Transportation in-bond entries (IE, T&E, etc)
  • Special trade programs (DR-CAFTA, NAFTA, ATPDEA, etc.)
  • Consultation on related customs laws and regulations
  • Duty Drawback services*
  • Local and nationwide deliveries for loose freight and container movements
  • Full import insurance coverage services
  • Other government agency filing, etc. (FDA, USDA, DOT, EPA, FWS, etc.)
  • FDA filings, releases, detention and destruction coordination.
  • Customs Bonds (Continuous / Single Transaction / ISF Stand Alone)

*Duty Drawback Services:
Merchandise that is being re-exported from the USA often qualifies for a duty drawback program. However, less than one third of the estimated three billion dollars available for rebates are actually claimed back from the government. Let Folgueras Customs Broker assist you in recovering 99% of duties and taxes back from the government. Please ask us how, and if, you qualify!